Liam Neeson auditioning as Santa Claus in typical Neeson style puts the bad in bad Santa

Liam Neeson auditioning as Santa Claus in typical Neeson style puts the bad in bad Santa

LIAM NEESON. Hollywood hard-man, action movie hero and now...Santa Claus?

The 64-year-old Taken star appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and filmed a sketch for the late night chat show host.

The Northern Irishman is filmed auditioning for the role of Santa Claus and the results are both hilarious and terrifying.

Scroll below to see Neeson's version of Santa Claus

The short two-minute video shows the Co. Antrim native channeling his inner Taken characters persona but with a festive twist.


The Hollywood star looks down the camera and hoarsely voices: "I know when you're sleeping.I know when you're awake."

He then goes onto say: "I'm making a list and checking it twice" before the director cuts in and suggests: "I think that's a little too intimidating".

Neeson, then chillingly goes onto say his classic line from Taken but with a festive twist: "Let me tell you something about that reindeer that ran over Grandma. I will look for him. I will find him and I will kill him."

Neeson was on the chat show to promote his new film Silence, which is an American historical drama set in the 17th century made by award-winning director Martin Scorsese.

Neeson stars alongside British star Andrew Garfield and Star Wars actor Adam Driver with the new film set to be released in theatres in Britain on New Year's Day.

Silence is about two Jesuit priests who faced violence and persecution when they traveled to Japan to try and find their lost mentor and to promote Catholicism.

Liam Neeson has starred in a number of award-winning films such as Gangs of New York, Schindler's list and Christmas film Love Actually.


Take a look at his Santa impression below...