WATCH: Normal People's Paul Mescal wows fans as he sings and plays piano

WATCH: Normal People's Paul Mescal wows fans as he sings and plays piano

IRELAND'S NEWEST rising star has been the talk of the nation these past few weeks.

Kildare native Paul Mescal, who is now known worldwide for playing Connell in the incredibly popular TV adaption of Sally Rooney's novel, Normal People, has become a global star overnight-- and for good reason.

His acting in the popular programme has been praised by fans and critics alike, but the 24-year-old has even more talents off-screen.

For one thing, his character, Connell, is a Gaelic football whiz-- but in real life Mescal could give Connell a run for his money, having been the captain of the Kildare Minors GAA team: check out a photo below of the actor shaking hands with the Dublin captain before the kickoff of the 2014 Leinster Football Championship final.


Apart from sports and acting, though, Mescal can also sing and is a dab hand when it comes to the piano, as you'll see below.

The Irishman took to Instagram to regale his newfound army of fans with a rendition of Sia's 2014 smash-hit Chandelier, and to say people loved it was an understatement.

"It's actually a bit unfair that you're this talented," one person said of the scaled-back rendition.

"Just when I thought I couldn't love you any more," another gushed, while one woman simply said "MARRY MEEE".

It remains to be seen what other hidden talents the world's new favourite actor has up his sleeve, but in the meantime we can keep bingeing Normal People and rewatching this fairly brilliant musical clip.