£4.8 Million Irish Government  Funding For Irish Charities In Britain

£4.8 Million Irish Government Funding For Irish Charities In Britain

THE IRISH Government has issued £4.8 million in funding this year to Irish charities in Britain that continue to support the elderly and most vulnerable members of society.

The allocation is a slight decrease on last year’s Emigrant Support Programme (ESP) grants, which totalled £5.1million.

Jimmy Deenihan, Ireland’s Minister for the Diaspora, announced details of the Emigrant Support Programme at the Irish Embassy this week.

Speaking in London, Mr Deenihan said that he had had the pleasure of visiting many of the organisations that were represented at the event.

“It has been a great privilege to see first-hand the tremendous work that is being done and the profound impact that your services have on our emigrants in Britain,” he said.

He went on to thank the community groups for their contribution to the creation of Ireland’s new Diaspora Policy and for their participation in the first ever Global Irish Civic Forum held in Dublin last June.

“Without exception, I’m told by every organisation I meet that volunteers are the backbone of the work they do,” he said. “This is a true reflection of the Irish meitheal tradition where a community comes together to help one another.

“In my first year as Minister for the Diaspora I’ve been able to tick a lot of boxes, and this is crucial at this stage from your point of view. I’ve been privileged to witness firsthand the work at the centres for the Irish community.

“The generosity of the Irish knows no bounds, you welcome other communities into your own, and all I have nothing but praise for the Irish hospitality.”

This year’s allocation supports 110 organisations in Britain, with the focus being on frontline welfare service providers that support the elderly and other vulnerable Irish emigrants.

Paul Curtis, Chair of the Nottingham St Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival said that whilst their £5,000 allocation would fund their school’s project, which enables children to participate in the festival, the organisation would still need to rely on community fundraising.

“We’re very pleased with the funding we’ve been allocated, without it the schools can’t participate in the parade,” he said.

“But the problem of rising costs and maintained levels of funding means that we’ll still need to rely on contributions from the community to help with holding events.”

The London Irish LGBT Society, which was established last year, secured a grant of £3,000 for the first time.

Anne O’Donoghue, Co-Chair of the society, believes that this signifies a major step forward for the capital’s Irish LGBT population in light of Ireland’s marriage equality referendum earlier this year.

“It’s absolutely fantastic,” she said. “It’s been a momentous year and the grant allocation is hugely encouraging. We plan to use the funding to continue building our network of both the old and young Irish LGBT community.”

Joe Browne, Chair of the Traveller Movement, welcomed their £120,000 allocation, a £25,000 reduction on the previous year.

“The Embassy funding is the backbone of all of our sources of funding, it’s really crucial to the running of our organisation,” he said. “If major cuts were to be made we’d really suffer and it’d be staff cuts that would result.”

Acton Homeless Concern Emmaus House and The Damien Centre £30,000
Age UK Hillingdon £12,500
The Aisling Project £95,000
Ashford Place £142,000
Bell Farm Christian Centre £10,500
Benefit Advice Shop £3,500
Birmingham Irish Association £197,000
Blackfriars Advice Centre £10,000
Bolton Irish Community Association £5,000
Brent Adolescent Centre £18,000
Brent Irish Advisory Service £115,500
Brian Boru Club £19,000
Causeway Irish Housing Association £15,000
Celtic and Irish Cultural Society £13,500
The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields £15,000
Conradh na Gaeilge Glaschú £36,150
Console Suicide Prevention Ltd £30,000
Coventry Irish Society £60,500
Edinburgh's Festival of Ireland £2,000
The Emerald Centre £53,000
Emerald Circle Club - Harrow £3,000
Emerald Senior Citizens Group £5,000
Feith an Cheoil £4,500
Friends, Families and Travellers £25,000
The Golden Shamrock £8,500
The Greenwich Irish Pensioners Association £3,500
Halifax and District Irish Society £7,500
Halifax Irish Centre £1,000
Haringey Irish Centre £135,500
Haslingden Davitt IDL Club £4,000
Hibernian Society, The £22,000
Huddersfield Irish Centre £3,500
The Huddersfield St Patrick's Day Parade Assoc. £4,300
IIBN Ltd £26,000
Immigrant Counselling and Psychotherapy £142,000
Innisfree Housing Association £15,000
Irish Arts Foundation £63,000
Irish Network Scotland £1,000
Irish Chaplaincy £220,000
Irish Club Warrington £4,600
Irish Community Care Manchester £120,918
Irish Community Care Merseyside £232,300
Irish Community Services £211,000
Irish Cultural Centre £126,500
Irish Diaspora Foundation £59,000
Irish Elderly Advice Network £94,000
Irish Film London £5,000
Irish Heritage Foundation £50,000
Irish Heritage Limited £6,500
Irish in Britain £405,000
Irish Literary Society £1,800
Irish Music and Dance in London (IMDL) £9,500
Irish Network Stevenage £990
Irish Pensioners Choir £2,000
Irish Pensioners Forum of East London £4,000
Irish Repertory Theatre Co UK £8,000
Irish Tuesday Club £8,000
Kilburn Irish Pensioners Club £2,000
Lancashire Federation of Irish Democratic League £1,000
Leeds GATE £43,000
Leeds Horseshoe Throwers £900
Leeds Irish Health & Homes £121,000
Leeds St Patrick's Day Parade & Celebrations £9,000
Leicester & Leicestershire Irish Forum £25,000
Lewisham Irish Community Centre £52,000
Lewisham Irish Pensioners Association £4,000
Liverpool Irish Festival £10,000
London Gypsy and Traveller Unit £89,500
London Irish Amateur Rugby Football Club £6,500
London Irish Centre £429,000
London Irish LGBT Network £3,000
Luton Irish Forum £94,500
Manchester Irish Education Group £1,000
Manchester Irish Language Group £500
Mansfield & Dukeries Irish Association £6,000
Maya Centre, The £15,000
Milton Keynes Irish Centre £11,000
Mind Yourself £50,000
Momentum Care £30,000
Monica's Place £58,600
New Horizon Youth Centre £35,000
NOAH Enterprise £65,000
North Wales Irish Society £4,000
Northampton Irish Support Group £48,000
Nottingham St Patrick's Day Festival and Parade £5,000
Oxford Irish Society £3,000
Passage, The £35,000
Queens Park Senior Citizens Group £4,000
Safe Start Foundation £80,000
Sandwell Irish Society £30,500
SanKTus £24,000
Sheffield Irish Association £2,000
SIFA Fireside £15,000
Solace Women's Aid £35,000
South London Irish Association £3,000
Southwark Irish Pensioners Project £127,500
Southwark Travellers' Action Group £53,500
St Michael's Irish Centre £45,500
St Patrick's Festival Birmingham £8,000
St. Finbarr's Sports and Social Club £5,000
Streetwork UK £22,000
Traveller Movement, The £120,000
Tricycle Theatre Company Limited £1,000
Trip to Birmingham Tradfest Ltd. £3,000
Tuesday Club - Leeds Irish Centre £3,000
Tyneside Irish Centre LTD £14,000
Tyneside Irish Cultural Society Ltd £32,000
West Hampstead Women's Centre £6,000
York Irish Association £3,000
Young at Hearts Luncheon Club £6,000
TOTAL £4,827,058

Photos - Malcolm McNally