A round-up of the funniest Irish moments captured on camera in 2016

A round-up of the funniest Irish moments captured on camera in 2016

AS THE year comes curtailing to an end we at The Irish Post have decided to round up the most funny Irish moments caught on camera this year.

There was quite a list but we've managed to track down the best and most importantly the funniest to create a shortlist of 10.

And to start you off and in no particular order...

Sibling scare tactics

Is there anything better in life than scaring your unsuspecting sibling half to death?

The video below went viral early this year as Dublin teenager, Shauna Flynn, terrified her unsuspecting sister time and time again.

The expression the poor sister pulls every time is hilarious.

Olympic brothers

This year's Olympics was full of inspiration, sportsmanship and the O'Donovan brothers.

Paul and Gary O’Donovan, Ireland's first ever Olympic medal winning rowers, gave a hugely entertaining interview that then went viral.

The silver medallists, lightened up the usually dull Olympic media duties with their unmistakable Irish charm and even mentioned their "podium pants".

Take a look at the interview below for a hilarious throwback to this summer's Olympics in Rio.

Horsing around

A round up of the funniest videos of 2016 would not be complete without a live outside news broadcast going wrong.

RTE's veteran reporter Brian Gleeson was doing what he thought was a normal outside broadcast at Galway Races when a cheeky punter behind him decided to have a go horsing around.

The results are there for everyone to see in the short clip below.

McIlroy's little interview

Northern Irish golfer, Rory McIlroy has done his fair share of interviews this year but this must of been the most nerve-wracking.

McIlroy, who has played in front of thousands at some of the world's most famous golf courses, even admitted "I'm actually quite nervous".

The aspiring young reporter, Little Billy, who has a successful YouTube series interviewing nervous celebrities and asking them embarrassing questions.

The little nipper asked McIlroy about everything from his love life to his past hair styles and it makes for an interesting yet hilarious watch.

Watch the cheeky interview below:


This tongue-tied Mullingar man had to make the shortlist.

Ski Morgan was filmed by his wife Karyn capturing his battle with the tongue twister, there's 'No need for me to be here today' and could barely get his words out for more than a minute.

Take a look below and maybe have a try yourself.

Warning: the clip does contain some bad language


One wonderful Cork accent and one very confused American

Jordan Lyford visiting from the States for the St. Patrick's Day celebrations asked Corkman Joseph O'Donovan to demonstrate the legendary Cork accent.

Joseph more than obliged.

The look of amazement and confusion on the face of the American tourist is something to behold.


Well, this is awkward. You may as well laugh about it or you might just break down in tears.

Either way London-based actors and writers, James Gavigan and Erin Hunter, created a hilarious parody video in which European nations were given the choice to decide the fate on whether to remove Britain from the European Union.

Obviously, this was done before the June 23 referendum.

James Gavigan, a Donegal native, told The Irish Post on June 17, that they created the video as a  “motley pair of immigrants” who “understand the value of open borders.”

See the parody below.

Sporting impersonations

David Beckham, Harry Redknapp and Eamon Dunphy all talking GAA? Yes, you read that right.

You may have to do a double take at this video as one Irishman brilliantly impersonates a host of stars including soccer legend David Beckham talking GAA.

The Irishman used Snapchats face-swap feature to impersonate GAA trio Joe Brolly, Davy Fitzgerald and Off the Ball host Colm Parkinson as well as David Beckham, Harry Redknapp and Eamon Dunphy.

The impersonations seem pretty spot on to us. What do you think? Have a look...

Are Ireland fans the best fans in the world?

Well we think so. So good that French TV channel Le Parisien TV dedicated a hilarious montage of all of the boys in green's best bits.

The two and a half minute clip includes footage of Irish fans sweetly singing to a baby on the tram, serenading a French nun, chanting ‘Stand Up for the French Police’, flirting with French women and rather impressively crowd surfing with a bicycle.

Take a look at the boys in green's supporters at their best below.

Mannequin challenge

A video of the year list would be made redundant without at least one nod to the viral craze of 2016 that is the mannequin challenge.

All the celebrities and sports stars are at it, so one Dublin house party host decided to get in on the act and create their own hilarious version of the mannequin challenge.

For people who do not know the mannequin challenge it is where a group of people remain still, like mannequins, while being recorded for a video with music blaring in the background.

The Irish party goer who filmed the challenge, Franky Harte, told The Irish Post back in November that it took only "three attempts to get it right".

The video features the Dublin revellers in their element playing beer pong, taking selfies and making tea.

See the viral craze below.

Do you agree with our list? Post in the comment below what your favourite Irish moment captured on video has been this year.