Bad news for many Irish fans heading to Saturday's World Cup Qualifier game in Denmark

Bad news for many Irish fans heading to Saturday's World Cup Qualifier game in Denmark

THE Danish FA have cause quite the headache for Ireland fans heading to Saturday's game in Copenhagen.

A group of up to 1,000 Irish fans who have bought tickets for the home end of the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen has been warned by the Danish FA that they will not be admitted entry to the ground.

Originally, 2,450 tickets had been allocated to Irish supporters, however, once these tickets were distributed, just under 1,000 (40%) were distributed to fans who are members of Supporters Clubs and Fans Direct - a grouping of fans who do not wish to be part of a Supporters Club.

The rest of the Irish allocation was distributed to Abbey Travel (15%) and the 'Football Family' (45%). Their main bone of contention is that many regular

The main bone of contention for supporters is that many regular travelling fans who have attended five away games in the last two qualifying campaigns missed out on tickets for Denmark, which isn't entirely fair.


With the scarcity of tickets a major issue, many Irish fans turned to their attention to tickets allocated to Danish supporters and managed to sneakily snap up a number of these tickets (close to 1,000).

The Danish FA have not taken kindly to this and have issued a warning to Irish fans who they believe have displayed a dishonest approach to securing tickets for the game.

After several fans who purchased a ticket for the Danish end through an Irish address had their tickets cancelled, they managed to bypass the problem by setting up fake Denmark names, phone numbers and addresses and have received their e-ticket without a problem.

Danish FA communications director Jacob Wadland has stated that this simply won't work; "All of the tickets intended for Irish fans were sent to the Irish federation for distribution, and so the only way to order a ticket to be mailed to Ireland was to buy in the Danish section. None of these tickets have been mailed."

"I presume that these supporters have not been able to get tickets in the Irish section and have panicked and bought tickets for other parts of the ground. They might be thinking that it will be okay but it will not be okay. We will be quite strict about this."

Furthermore, Wadland urged that if any Irish fans do manage to get themselves into the home section despite tight security, they are advised not to wear green to avoid any trouble with the Danish supporters.