Car thief caught on camera defecating on driveway

Car thief caught on camera defecating on driveway

Police in New Jersey are on the hunt for a suspected car thief who was caught short following his latest theft.

The alleged criminal was filmed defecating on the driveway of a house in North Plainfield, moments after stealing a vehicle from another nearby address.

Footage of the unidentified hoodie-wearing thief was uploaded to the local police department's Facebook page alongside an appeal for help.

A security camera picked up the sorry incident, with the footage showing the man taking off his hoodie and backpack moments before leaving something rather unsavoury behind.

The incident occurred on Rockville Terrace around 2:30 a.m. on May 27. Just after the man was spotted stealing a car from another residence.


This mystery turd merchant is suspected of trying to break into several other vehicles near to the property on the same day.

Police from North Plainfield are now asking the public for help in cracking the case.