Daughter of convicted paedophile pleads with public to stop vandalising Dublin family home

Daughter of convicted paedophile pleads with public to stop vandalising Dublin family home

THE DAUGHTER of convicted paedophile Abdur Rashid has issued a plea to the Irish public to stop attacks on their family home.

Rashid was sentenced to 18 months in prison last January after he was found guilty of a single count of sexual assault.

The 50-year-old teacher was convicted of molesting a six-year-girl back in December 2015 at a mosque where he taught.

Rashid was released from prison last month after the final four months of his sentence was suspended for a period of one year, provided he adhere to the direction of the Probation Services.

Speaking to the Sunday World [via Herald.ie] upon release from Midlands Prison, Rashid, who has always denied the charge levelled against him, insisting "I've done nothing wrong".


However, after returning to his home in the Dublin 7 area, the former Leitrim resident soon found himself the target of attacks from members of the public.

Now his daughter, Sany, has stepped forward to call on the attacks and acts of vandalism on their family home, to stop.

According to Sany, Rashid has already been forced to leave the family residence, but this has not stopped threats being made against the family home and further criminal damage.

"We are living here for six years now," she told Jeremy Dixon on Today FM in quotes published by The Irish Sun.

"He (Abdur Rashid) left last week and no (he doesn't plan on coming back) with all these threats, no.

"He will not be back in this house and now they're trying to run us over in this house knowing that he's not here."


Sany described how her family's torment began when a child's bicycle was thrown through the window of their home.

"It started at 5pm (yesterday) with a loud knock on the door. Our heart was beating really fast, we knew something was coming because of all the threats and everything.

"Someone ran down shouting 'rapist.' Later on, at around 5.30pm, we were checking on the window and we were sitting on the sofa and then someone just threw a bike at the window, a children's bike not a full bike.

"They broke the window and I was screaming, I was in shock. My mother was in shock she was upstairs in the bedroom. She had no idea what to do, she thought we were dead or something.

"My brother started shouting really loudly 'the window's broken, my window's broken' and he didn't know what to do.

"I shouted through the window, 'Why are you doing this? There are children in the house, why are you doing this?'"


"I live here for six years, these people know there are children in the house, yet they are still attacking us. I don't know why.

"There are children in the house, you care about your own children, what about our children? There is no man living in this house, there's just women and children. Are we not human?"