Doctor trained in Ireland struck off Britain's medical register

Doctor trained in Ireland struck off Britain's medical register

AN Irish-trained doctor has been struck off the medical register in Britain for "acquiescing" in the creation of a false account with a cosmetic industry supplies company.

A disciplinary hearing heard that Dr Vincent Kent was involved in setting up a false account under another practitioner’s name for his company, Med-fx.

He was aware of the situation despite not directly setting up the account, causing the investigating panel to bring his impaired fitness to practice into question.

Trinity College Dublin graduate Dr Kent was not present at the hearing, nor was he represented by a legal professional “due to financial constraints”.

The investigating panel decided that “it is more likely than not that the purpose was to generate an additional line of credit through which to obtain supplies from Med-fx.”

It also found that Dr Kent’s conduct “implicated an unsuspecting and innocent fellow practitioner”.

Dr Kent’s solicitor said in a letter sent for review that he had accepted a document which was forged in the name of a Dr A.

Dr A was completely unaware of the incident and the panel heard that she fought hard to have her name cleared.

It was also contemplated during the hearing that Dr A’s name was chosen because she shared initials with a second practitioner known as Dr B, who was Dr Kent’s business partner.

Though Dr Kent acted acquiescingly – meaning he was aware of what was happening and reluctantly accepted it – the panel found that his fitness to practice was impaired and he was erased from Britain’s medical register.

Dr Kent received his degree from Trinity College in 2000 and has a number of cosmetic surgery websites. He is listed as providing services in Belfast, Derry, Dublin and Newry in Ireland.