Dublin woman gives nuisance caller taste of their own medicine in viral video

Dublin woman gives nuisance caller taste of their own medicine in viral video

A NUISANCE caller got more than they bargained for after calling a woman in Dublin.

The bane of modern society, hoax callers have been known to contact the same people on numerous occasions throughout the average working day.

Often calling at inopportune times, they also rarely take no for an answer and, despite requests to the contrary, tend to call back again and again.

So, when Baldoyle resident Dee Boshell was contacted by a nuisance caller while relaxing at home, she decided to give them a taste of their own medicine – and it was hilarious. The Irish have always had a way with words, after all.

Possibly part of a wider scam, it appears that the hoax caller was looking to obtain some sensitive personal information from Boshell.


But they picked the wrong woman to mess with.

A five-minute chat ensued, with Boshell adopting a dumbfounded approach to the conversation that left the hoaxer flummoxed and frustrated.

She also adopted an accent straight out of the hit Coen Brothers film Fargo, for reasons unknown.

The video has proven popular on Facebook with Dee earning plenty of plaudits.

“You are one crazy lady,” one fan wrote.

“That was a great tale,” another said, adding “You nutter.”


Speaking to the Irish Mirror, Dee explained the thinking behind her approach to the call.

"I hate these people who scam vulnerable people over the phone. My landline rang and when I realised what it was about I just grabbed my mobile phone to record it,” she said.

"I wish I'd known the call was coming so I could have had a better go at it instead of trying to think on my feet, hope it helps other people."