€350 a week Covid-19 payment to be cut for part time workers

€350 a week Covid-19 payment to be cut for part time workers

AN TAOISEACH has announced plans to cut the Covid-19 payment scheme for those who were working part time before the pandemic hit Irish shores.

The scheme, which has allowed families and individuals to keep afloat while jobs were lost across the country due to the coronavirus, indiscriminately provided everyone who lost their jobs with €350 a week, regardless of the hours they had been working or the wage they had received.

Yesterday, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar announced some changes to the scheme, including that those who were working part time will have their payment reduced.

While he did not indicate how much part time workers would have their payment reduced by, Mr Varadkar insisted they would still be making more on the Covid-19 scheme than they had while working part time.

Covid-19 payment to be extended, but  part time workers will see the amount cut (Image: Getty)

A report in the Irish Independent yesterday indicated that the Government planned to reduce the Covid-19 payment to €203 a week, in line with the general jobseekers allowance, however this has not been confirmed.

Mr Varadkar yesterday confirmed that the scheme would be extended "for months, not weeks" as Ireland's businesses slowly reopen with each passing Phase of easing restrictions.

The Covid-19 payment had been due to come to an end in June, however many businesses-- including pubs-- are not due to reopen until mid-August.

Ireland is expected to enter Phase 2 this coming Monday, 8 June, where larger retail outlets will be allowed to reopen as long as they can maintain social distancing within the stores.