Limerick carer rescues woman, 81, child and dogs from burning house

Limerick carer rescues woman, 81, child and dogs from burning house

A CARER in Limerick is being celebrated for her heroic actions after saving an elderly woman, a child and two pet dogs from a burning house.

Monika Szurkus-Urbanaka, who is originally from Poland but has lived in Limerick for several years, began working with carer service in 2018.

She was letting herself in to a client’s home in Corbally on the outskirts of the city when she realised the elderly woman’s home was on fire.

Recognising that the 81-year-old’s life was in danger, Monika sprinted into the house without thinking of her own safety. She used a cushion placed over her face to protect from smoke inhalation and carried the elderly woman, who has mobility issues, out of the house.

Once the pensioner was safely outside, Monika returned to the home to ensure there was nobody else trapped inside—and found the woman’s grandson and two dogs, rescuing them and bringing them out of the inferno.

With the family safely reunited and breathing fresh air again, Monika was able to let the shock settle and wait for emergency services.

In an interview with The Limerick Leader, she described the ordeal, saying “I felt scared, but I felt an adrenaline rush take over my entire body. Afterwards, I was so relieved that everyone had made it out OK, the fire brigade came in time and nobody was injured.”

All occupants of the house are said to be safe, and Monika has now deservedly been put forward as a nominee for Ireland’s Carer of the Year award.

While the fire, which is believed to have started in the utility room, damaged the building, material possessions can be replaced.

Had Monika not been there the results could have been catastrophic.

But apparently Monika doesn’t see it that way, instead insisting she was just doing her job.