IN PICTURES: The Pogues launch new Irish Whiskey in London

IN PICTURES: The Pogues launch new Irish Whiskey in London

“THE Pogues offer a perfect partnership,” said John O’Connell, co-founder of West Cork Distillers, launching a new whiskey brand in conjunction with the London-Irish band in the capital last night.

"They share many of the same values as our company such as an independent spirit, a slightly unorthodox approach and a commitment to quality, as well as success on the international stage."

Of course, the other thing the Pogues share with the distillers is an interest in whiskey.

They've even written songs about the old electric soup, the hard stuff, the water of life, the rare ould mountain dew.

The new whiskey, launched at the Boogaloo bar,  is a blend of grain and 50 per cent single malt Irish whiskey making it Ireland’s highest malt-containing blended Irish whiskey — something that The Pogues will undoubtedly approve of.


The new Pogues whiskey, which was launched in London The new Pogues whiskey, which was launched in London

The new whiskey is a collaboration between two of the world’s most renowned distillers, Barry Walsh and Frank McHardy.

The blend has an aroma of malt, cracked nuts, almond and a slight sweetness and its smooth intensity delivers a palate that is malty and floral with a mild chocolate taste and lingering citrus.

It’s targeted at a younger target audience of 25 to 35-year-olds, with a bottle selling for around £30.

Commenting on the partnership, The Pogues said: “It’s been brilliant working with such experts to come up with a whiskey that we all think reflects our spirit and that we all like the taste of.

"It’s wonderful to add to the ranks of great Irish whiskeys and we hope it stands the test of time.”


In the great history of  whiskies we’ve had brands named after leaders such as Michael Collins, the odd outlaw like Rob Roy, many placenames both Scottish and Irish from Bushmills to Jura, whiskey makers such as Henry McKenna.

But the new Pogues label appears to be the first time a brand has been named after an entire band.

The fact that they’ve even sung about the product seems to make them an obvious choice.

What Pogues and whiskey fans had to say at the launch night...

Jamie Morris from Tipperary & Gerry O'Boyle owner of The Boogaloo, from Sligo Jamie Morris and Gerry O'Boyle

Jamie Morris from Tipperary and Gerry O'Boyle owner of The Boogaloo, from Sligo. Gerry commented about The Pogues whiskey: "It smells like honey and it's got 50 per cent more malt than Jameson!"


Frank McGivern & Sasha Filimonov Frank McGivern and Sasha Filimonov

Frank McGivern and Sasha Filimonov from Dublin and New York. Frank said: "Walking into The Boogaloo tonight was like walking into a pub back home in Ireland. What a great atmosphere!"

James McCormick and Amanda Baiden James McCormick and Amanda Baiden

Photographer James McCormick and Touch PR owner Amanda Baiden. Amanda said: "It's been brilliant. I think the whole spirit of the whiskey has come to life with the Pogues!"

Tom Creagh and Nikolai Tom Creagh and Nikolai

Tom Creagh and Nikolai, a sound engineer and musician. Nikolai commented: "There's something about Irish music which seeps into all the gaps and creates a real flow like a river. Loving the whiskey as well, being a whiskey fan myself!"

Darryl Hunt Darryl Hunt

Darryl Hunt, bassist with The Pogues. He said: "I'm pleasantly surprised at the taste of the whiskey, I think the young people will like it! I enjoyed visiting Cork before and hope to see the distillery one day!"


Terry Woods, Pogues band member. Terry commented: "The distillery approached the band and we thought it was a grand idea. It's been fun! I don't think the Pogues and aftershave or kitchen utensils would work...but whiskey yeah! I lived round the corner from Boogaloo here in Highgate in the 60s! Great to be back!"