Ireland’s most commonly reported STD has been revealed

Ireland’s most commonly reported STD has been revealed

Ireland’s most commonly notified sexually transmitted disease (STD) has been confirmed.

Chlamydia has been identified as the most regularly reported STD on the Emerald Isle, according to new health figures.

According to figures compiled by the publication, 7,408 notifications of chlamydia were noted in 2017.

That represents a notable 8% rise on the number reported over the previous year.

The data highlights that there has been a 6% increase in notification rates among mean along with an 11% rise among women.


Most chlamydia symptoms can go unnoticed meaning may with the STD are not actually aware they have it.

Testing for STDs like chlamydia usually requires a urine or swab test.

The condition is easily treated using antibiotics which can either be administered in the space of one day or steadily over the course of a week.

If left untreated, however, the condition can spread to other parts of the body and result in more serious conditions like pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), epididymo-orchitis (inflammation of the testicles) and infertility.

It has also been linked with reactive arthritis.

Chlamydia was the most commonly notified STI in Ireland with 6,893 notifications in 2016.

There were 1,593 notifications of Ano-Genital warts in 2016.


The notification rate for Gonorrhoea increased by 51% to 41.1 per 100,000 population compared to 27.2 per 100,000 population in 2015.