Ireland's Olympic winning rowers the O'Donovan brothers give their best interview yet

Ireland's Olympic winning rowers the O'Donovan brothers give their best interview yet

'SKIBBEREEN is closing down for a national holiday and we're missing it all' joked Ireland's newly-crowned Olympic winning rowers in what might be their best interview to date.

Brothers Gary and Paul O’Donovan were in fine form when they spoke to RTÉ Sport just hours after winning a silver medal in the men's lightweight double sculls rowing final in Rio de Janeiro on Friday.

The Co. Cork pair have captured the hearts of the nation with their winning ways both on and off the water.

And their latest interview didn't disappoint either.

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Speaking on camera the brothers gave viewers an insight into how they have been celebrating their historic win.

"Arra I've been shook enough now to be honest since the racing, a bit tired now, and the legs are like jelly," Paul said.

"We did a bit of celebrating and did the podium thing, and got to put on the podium pants as well so that was quite nice, saw the mother and the father and a few other people, and took a few pictures and that.

"Then I had to go do this doping control thing so I was there for an hour of two trying to take a pee into a cup for them so after about 10 litres of water as well so I'm a bit full up now to be honest. Gary's had great craic though anyway."

"He's been busy but I've running around having a great time, signing photographs and autographs and taking pictures," a smiling Gary added.

"Tis all well and good, but we're fairly tired now. We haven't had a bit to eat since after the weight-in, we had a bread roll with some Nutella, I'm fairly hungry now but I believe they're on the way now with some pizzas for us."

When asked if they had any idea how much Ireland had gone 'rowing and O'Donovan mad', the charming pair has this to add.

"We haven't had much time to think about it, it's been a bit of a circus since we finished the race," Gary said. "We're just taking it all in and trying to enjoy it was as best we can at the minute

Paul added: "Gary got a snapchat earlier and they were roaring away mad or something, but no I haven't a clue what's going on to be honest at home, I'd say 'tis mad excitement.

"Tis a pity we're missing it all out here," Gary joked.

"They're all in the pub at home, Skibbereen is after closing down, a nation holiday or something and we're missing it all," Paul added.

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