Irish-American pub owner provides food for frontline workers in US

Irish-American pub owner provides food for frontline workers in US

THE OWNER of an Irish pub in the US has found a brilliant way to contribute to America’s ongoing battle with coronavirus. 

When Quinn’s Irish Pub closed its doors as part of an unprecedented nationwide lockdown designed to stem the number of cases of COVID-19, owner Tim Quinn’s first thought was: ‘What can I do to help?’. 

“I was trying to figure out a way to give back and, I think, as we were doing takeout, customers were saying, 'Is there anything that we can do?'” the owner of the Worcester, Massachusetts eatery explained to NBC Boston. 

After speaking to customers and local business owners, he came up with a way of harnessing local support and saying thank you to those risking their lives to combat this deadly virus. 

The result was a partnership with local businesses designed to provide meals to the state’s selfless front-line workers. 


Under the Food For The Front Line Program, businesses are invited to donate a day’s lunch or dinner, with their generous offerings promoted on social media alongside a message of thanks for providing essential meals in the midst of the pandemic. 

“The businesses are sponsoring the lunches and I ask the businesses, 'Is there somebody specifically you’d like to donate to?'”  Quinn explains, adding “Is your neighbour a nurse, is your neighbour a police or fireman?” 

Created with the approval of the local Chamber of Commerce, staff at Quinn’s Irish Pub prepare all of the meals which are then individually packaged and boxed up to be taken to those in need. 

Quinn even drives the meals himself, organising where to meet people and where to drop them off. 

“We’ve been up to the hospital a number of times, we’re headed to the fire department today to drop off a lunch,” he says. 

The meals have been warmly received by police, hospital workers, firefighters and other frontline staff. 


The good news is that Quinn’s Irish Pub is going to be keeping all those local heroes well fed for the foreseeable future, with the scheme already booked up for another month. 

Even better still, he is planning on rolling the initiative out at some of his other restaurants across the state. 

“We’d be happy to keep this going as long as possible,” Quinn said.