Irishman’s Instagram account showcasing London’s worst pints of Guinness goes viral

Irishman’s Instagram account showcasing London’s worst pints of Guinness goes viral

AN IRISHMAN has become the toast of Instagram after setting up an account showcasing some of the worst poured pints of Guinness on offer in London.

As anyone with a fondness for Ireland’s best export knows, there is a particular skill to pouring the perfect pint of the iconic Irish stout.

A good Guinness must come complete with good head – not too foamy – while pouring it into anything other than the iconic Guinness glass will lose you some serious brownie points.


While the complex science that goes into pouring the perfect pint of the black stuff has been all but perfected over in Ireland, it’s an entirely different story over in England.

Ian, from Cork, found out first-hand after moving to London to work in PR.

These regular sightings of ill-poured Irish stout prompted him to set up the Instagram account  @shitlondonguinness last November.

And it would appear that Ian isn’t alone in noticing the alarming number of rubbish pints of Guinness across the English capital.

The account has already amassed more than 17,000 followers, with many sending in their pictures of the various disastrous pints they have been handed on nights out.


Everything from pints that are more head than actual Guinness to Irish stout poured out in glasses designed for Stella Artois and Bulmers, it’s emerged as something of a phenomenon.

Speaking to the i, Ian explained his motivations for setting up the account and how he’s been overwhelmed by the reaction from fellow Londoners as well as the sheer number of terrible pints of Guinness being poured.

"I've lived in London for a couple of years and I've tweeted a few photos of bad Guinness in the past," he said.

"People are interested, and I just kept finding so many s**t pints and then people kept sending them in. It's just a bit of a laugh, it doesn't really annoy me and there's no malice."

He added: "You just never know what you're going to get when you order a pint of Guinness here.”

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