Republic of Ireland soccer legend Jonathan Walters locks horns with Piers Morgan on Twitter

Republic of Ireland soccer legend Jonathan Walters locks horns with Piers Morgan on Twitter

JONATHAN WALTERS found a new way to endear himself to the Irish public after taking down motor-mouth presenter Piers Morgan over Twitter.

Walters is already something of a hero among Irish soccer fans after scoring the decisive goals in a 2-0 win over Bosnia Herzegovina that saw Ireland reach Euro 2016.

The 35-year-old former Ipswich Town and Stoke City striker hung up his boots earlier this season after struggling to recover from a long-term injury.

Now working as an occasional pundit while he decides what to do next, Walters is also a prominent figure on Twitter, where he regularly comments on the various goings on in the world of football.

But he found himself in a spot of bother after slamming Arsenal – the team Morgan supports – after they failed to beat Brighton and missed out on a place in the Premier League’s top four.

It all started with Morgan, who tweeted out the words: “Shambles. #arsenal.”

Responding to the comment, Walter replied: “I think it’s time @Arsenal stopped calling themselves a ‘Big Club’ @piersmorgan.”

The suggestion clearly irked Morgan, who responded with the following: “Mate, you played for 12 clubs, none of which even scales the dizzy stature heights of 'medium', so I'd really avoid playing the club size card if I were you.”

Walters wasn’t about to take such criticism lying down though and quickly fired back with a comment that seemingly achieved the impossible – it silenced Morgan.

The 35-year-old simply wrote: “Mate. That will be 12 more than you.”

Twitter was awash with responses praising Walters for his razor-sharp response.

Morgan has yet to respond to this particular put down.

Either he’s seen the funny side of it all or he’s currently plotting an epic comeback.

For some reason we fear it might end up being the latter.