Kayakers discover stunning blue lagoon beneath Irish island

Kayakers discover stunning blue lagoon beneath Irish island

A TEAM of kayakers came across an incredible blue lagoon while exploring the depths of Owey Island, off the coast of Donegal.

Adventurers Iain Miller and Fiona nic Fhionnlaoich travelled to the island last weekend in an attempt to catch the sun during its midsummer rise.

What they discovered, and thankfully captured on video, was an extraordinary blue lagoon tucked away in a seacave below the island.

The video shows a stunning infinity pool which gives the impression of being suspended on light:


Both Iain and Fiona are adventure guides for Unique Ascent, a Donegal-based outdoor activities company.

They spoke of the rarity of their find and the beauty of their experience.

“It is a tricky matter of timing, sea conditions and sheer good luck to witness the effect first hand”, Miller told Independent.ie Travel.

“To have the planets align and to be able to visit this natural phenomenon is a world-class, surreal and humbling experience.

“The film only gives a glimpse into the heat, light and colours. It felt like you were swimming in light in an underground infinity pool.

“In a granite cave, the walls will glow with all the colours of the minerals contained within the rock. The walls and ceiling of the cave began to shimmer in reds, purples, oranges, and pink as the sea glowed a bright, greeny blue.”

To follow Iain and Fiona on more of their adventures, visit uniqueascent.ie.