Paul Gascoigne brands Snoop Dogg an ‘ugly t**t over use of his picture in anti-alcohol Instagram post

Paul Gascoigne brands Snoop Dogg an ‘ugly t**t over use of his picture in anti-alcohol Instagram post

PAUL GASCOIGNE has branded Snoop Dogg an “ugly t**t” on social media after the rapper posted pictures of the former England star on Instagram to highlight the damaging effect of alcohol abuse.

The US musician used an image of Gazza, aged 20, alongside a picture of him today to show the effect sof alcohol on the human body.

By way of contrast, he included two pictures of himself over the same time period as part of an apparent demonstration of how “marijuana abuse” was safer.

The posting garnered a negative response from many online with Snoop Dogg branded a bully for singling out Gascoigne, whose alcoholism and mental health issues are well-documented.

Gazza was initially quiet on the matter, tweeting from a holiday in Benidorm in response to some of the supportive messages posted online.

"Wow thanks so much re your tweets loved them. As you can see a few tears. But honestly I love you's (sic) guys be good enjoy the rest of the day huge hugs from GAZZA,” he wrote.

He then appeared to take the higher ground with an image of the animated character Snoopy alongside the caption:

“If they respect you, respect them. If they disrespect you, still respect them. Do not allow the actions of others to decrease your good manners, because you represent yourself, not others.”

It was a response that won widespread praise with Piers Morgan among those to praise Gascoigne for taking the classy, moral high ground.

But Gazza wasn’t done there.

A day later he went further, tweeting an image of a dog edited to look like Snoop Dogg complete with a microphone, two plaits and a chain around its neck.

Gascoigne wrote alongside the tweet: "Morning Snoop Dog. Get your lazy a**e out of bed it's walkies time woof woof you ugly t**t LOVE GAZZA xxx."

Earlier, Gascoigne had tweeted to his manager: "Just when U thought it was safe2get out of the water f***ing snoop dog turns up. FFS SHANE, what's he snooping about for, from GAZZA x."

It marks the end of a busy week for Gazza, who was videoed singing 'F**k The Pope and the IRA" in a Benidorm bar a few days prior.