Roads paw-licing takes ruff turn as dog caught travelling on driver's lap

Roads paw-licing takes ruff turn as dog caught travelling on driver's lap

WOOF, WOOF, it's the sound of the paw-lice!

Members of An Garda Síochána were forced to stop a vehicle in Limerick yesterday for a pre-paw-sterous reason as they noticed the driver making several potentially dangerous mistakes.

In a pun-filled social media post, Southern Region Gardaí issued a warning to drivers to follow the rules of the road as they revealed a person had been fined for driving while using a mobile phone and allowing a pet dog to sit on their lap as they drove.

While we all love to spoil our dogs, Gardaí were forced to issue a fine for unsafe driving and warned others: "Don't let your driving go to the dogs!"

"The driver of this car was seen holding a mobile phone with their dog sitting on their lap. Fine issued and advice given by Limerick Road Policing Unit.


"Woof, woof- it's the sound of the pawlice!"

But the image accompanying the warning seems to show that the Garda had fur-given the dog for travelling on its owners lap, as he can be seen smiling as the dog pokes his head out the window.

Image may contain: one or more people An Garda Síochana / Facebook

Commenters were quick to point out that it looked as if the dog itself was caught driving the car, with one person asking "Had he a dog license, officer?"

"That's a bit ruff!" Another joked.

A ruff day for the dog and the driver, but a good one for the Gardaí who had successfully followed up on a lead!