Robert De Niro stars in hilarious Warburtons TV advert

Robert De Niro stars in hilarious Warburtons TV advert

ROBERT DE NIRO has returned to his gangster movie roots with an inspired appearance in the latest advert from bakery firm Warburtons.

The Goodfellas and Godfather Part II actor is making bread lovers an offer they can’t refuse in the new ads promoting the Lancashire company’s new line of bagels.

The latest Hollywood star to feature in a series of adverts in the UK, while the likes of Harvey Keitel and Kevin Bacon elicited groans for their respective efforts with Direct Line and EE, De Niro’s new offering is surprisingly funny.

The two-time Oscar-winner plays an amalgam of some of his most famous roles in the advert, which has been titled Goodbagels.

It centres on De Niro and his mob as they attempt to thwart Warburtons’ bagel sales while promoting their own New York-based products.

What sets the advert apart from other celeb-endorsed efforts is the script and direction, with the advert full of knowing visual and verbal references to some of De Niro’s biggest movies.

It’s also packed full of witty bread puns, which only adds to the sense of fun surrounding what could have been a tired and over-baked format.

Jonathan Warburton, the chairman of the Warburtons brand, also puts in a decent performance, though the main draw is obviously De Niro.

"It was a pleasure to fly to the UK to film this ad with the Warburtons family, and star alongside Jonathan,” De Niro.

"Getting into the bagel business has been great fun, and I hope everyone enjoys the final cut."

The advert serves as a tasty starter ahead of De Niro’s much anticipated turn in Martin Scorsese’s next movie, The Irishman.

Filming has wrapped on the biopic, which chronicles the life and times of Irish-American mafia hitman Frank Sheeran and the potential role he played in the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa.

The film is set to be released on Netflix with the first trailer available to watch now.