RTÉ under fire after Shane MacGowan is interviewed in 'pub setting' on The Late Late Show

RTÉ under fire after Shane MacGowan is interviewed in 'pub setting' on The Late Late Show

RTÉ HAS courted criticism over the decision to interview Shane MacGowan in a fake pub setting on The Late Late Show.

A galaxy of stars from the world of music and entertainment were in attendance for a special edition of the Irish chat paying tribute to the work of The Pogues frontman.

But the celebrations were marred slightly for many of those at home who were left unhappy at the decision to interview MacGowan behind a series of makeshift pub tables adorned with what appeared to be pints of Guinness.

MacGowan’s issues with alcohol are well documented and, for many, the decision to film the Irish music legend in this kind of setting was ill-advised and in poor taste.

“No issue with celebrating Shane McGowan…but nobody is watching this and not thinking this is uncomfortable viewing,” one critic wrote on Twitter.


“Why the alcohol all around the place? Why the celebration of the drinking culture when it has ruined this man’s life?”

“Actually a bit angry the more I watch this,” another added.

“He is a struggling alcoholic and not only should he not be on the show tonight but they set up a scene with alcohol all around him.

“Celebrate the man and the music of course but whoever put this together should be ashamed.”

Speaking in a statement responding to the online backlash, an RTÉ spokesperson told the Irish Independent: “The Shane MacGowan segment of ‘The Late Late Show’ was in a bar room setting, as such locations were a major feature of Shane’s musical career and a backdrop to his music and lyrics.”

“These songs were discussed and performed on the show and the alcohol on set was in context with the performances and conversations involved.”