RTE's George Hamilton accused of being 'bitter' about England's 4-0 win over Ukraine at Euro 2020

RTE's George Hamilton accused of being 'bitter' about England's 4-0 win over Ukraine at Euro 2020

GEORGE HAMILTON has been accused of failing to give England credit for their 4-0 win over Ukraine at Euro 2020.

RTE’s main football commentator drew criticism on social media for apparently failing to sufficiently praise Gareth Southgate’s team, who romped to a comfortable victory on a barmy night in Rome.

One user branded Hamilton and co-commentator Stuey Byrne as “bitter” after apparently not giving the Three Lions their dues.

The tweet read: "George Hamilton and Stuey Byrne refusing to give England any credit for this win or even say a positive word. So bitter!”

Another concurred: "Totally agree with you... Hamilton sounded ridiculous with his petty comments Raging England won. Typical Rte."

Not one to let things lie, Hamilton replied to defend his analysis of the game.

"Gave them plenty of credit,” he wrote.

“Fact that they were gifted three of their four goals had to be acknowledged.”

The unnamed fan responded: "Acknowledgement is saying it once. Saying it every couple of minutes and then whining about meaningless passing stats is infantile."

Hamilton was not about to let it go though, and returned to hit out at the fan for hiding behind anonymity while still criticising his commentary efforts.

The 71-year-old wrote: "Don't you just love this. Brave enough to put the boot in, but not brave enough to say who you are. Pathetic."

Hamilton and Byrne were not the only dissenting voices among Ireland’s punditry team at the Euros with Republic legend Liam Brady similarly critical.

The former Juventus and Arsenal midfielder hit out at Ukraine’s efforts at half-time, explaining that if this had been a boxing match the referee would call both parties together and say “let's see some action.”

Ukraine had progressed to the quarter-finals after a gruelling extra time victory over Sweden that saw several key players pick up injuries.

The true test of England’s mettle likes ahead when they face Denmark in the semi-finals with a potential final against either Spain or Italy in the offing.