Snoop Dogg condemned for using picture of Paul Gascoigne to highlight impact of alcohol abuse

Snoop Dogg condemned for using picture of Paul Gascoigne to highlight impact of alcohol abuse

SNOOP DOGG has courted controversy after using a picture of Paul Gascoigne to showcase the impact alcohol abuse can have on the human body.

The US rapper posted the contentious comparison on Instagram, which featured two images of the ex-England star; one taken when he was 20 and another of him in the present day, aged 47.

Snoop Dogg captioned the image with the words “alcohol abuse”.

By way of further comparison, the musician also posted two images of himself at age 20 and 47 alongside the caption “marijuana abuse”.

Though the post was intended to highlight the apparent double standard that exists between marijuana and alcohol consumption in society, it has nevertheless gone down badly with fans of the former Newcastle, Tottenham and Glasgow Rangers star.

Gascoigne has made no secret of the fact he has battled with alcohol addiction for much of his adult life along with persistent mental health issues stemming from a traumatic childhood.

And many fans on Twitter appear unhappy that Snoop Dogg has decided to take aim at the popular footballer during what continues to be a difficult time in his life.

“Snoop Dogg is cold for posting this,” one wrote.

“Why has Snoop Dogg laid into Gazza like that?” another asked.

“Snoop Dogg disrespecting Paul Gascoigne, considering he suffered with alcoholism and other issues. F**king disgrace,” a third stated.

A fourth meanwhile declared: “Snoop Dogg is cancelled for going after Gazza.”

The rapper has yet to respond to the controversy and criticism, while the post remains in place on his Instagram page.

Snoop Dogg has performed in several locations across Ireland over the past few years, including Cork and Dublin.

These latest comments could see him come in for further criticism from fans across the Emerald Isle though.

The comparison comes just days after video footage surfaced of Gascoigne singing 'F**k The Pope and the IRA" in a Benidorm bar.