Bride criticises ‘generous’ family member after they ask her to give $300 gift back

Bride criticises ‘generous’ family member after they ask her to give $300 gift back

A DISGRUNTLED bride has revealed one of her husband’s family members recently got in touch – to ask for their wedding gift back.

The unhappy newlywed took to Facebook to share her tale of woe, which concerns a wealthy relative who had initially left the happy couple ecstatic with their gift of $300.

However, just three months later the same relative got back in touch to ask for $270 of the gift back.

It all boiled down to a simple error on their part, apparently.

“After my wedding my husband and I opened gifts and cards,” the new bride wrote [via The Sun].

“I opened a card from my husband’s aunt and uncle and they had written us a $300 cheque.

“We were like “whoa, but okay he makes good money”. Three months later we get a phone call and the ‘generous’ uncle said he only meant to write a $30 cheque and we need to give him $270 back.

”Like who does that?!”

The request came despite the fact the asking relatives had little in the way of money problems.

A disgruntled bride.

In any case, their message left the bride’s mother-in-law, who is the sister of the uncle in question, angry with her brother.

“We gave everything back because we didn’t want a penny of his money,” the bride concluded.

They weren’t the only ones to react angrily to the request with Facebook users far and wide reacting with anger to the story.

“Wow, I’m speechless. $30 for a wedding gift?!?! Are you kidding me?! Some people have no shame,” one wrote.

“And to call you and demand the money back! Wow, I can’t even.”

It could have been worse though - one bride recently made waves on social media after revealing she had banned several family members from her wedding because they eat meat.