Kilkerrin-Clonberne chairman Ian Hynes says 'they are not going to stop Shane Walsh from playing football'

Kilkerrin-Clonberne chairman Ian Hynes says 'they are not going to stop Shane Walsh from playing football'

KILKERRIN-CLONBERNE chairman Ian Hynes has said that Shane Walsh's potential move to Kilmacud Crokes isn't a Kilkerrin-Clonberne versus Shane Walsh issue but claims that it's a Dublin clubs vs rural clubs' issue.  

Galway superstar Walsh last week controversially requested to move to Dublin from Galway.  

Walsh explained that he was travelling and studying in Dublin. He believes that a move to the Stillorgan club would be a wise move.   

"I’m living and studying in Dublin now so it’s the right move for me at this point in my career. Kilmacud Crokes are a great club, and it would be a wonderful challenge," he said last week in a statement  

The 29-year-old is studying for a BA (Hons) in Physical Education at Portobello Institute.  

Kilkerrin-Clonberne have admitted that they would stop Walsh from moving to the capital but stated that there were different reasons as to why to why they didn't want it to happen.  

Speaking to the Tuam Herald Hynes said the issue was with Dublin walking all over smaller clubs in the country.  

“We are obviously not going to stop him playing football and if it goes ahead, we’re going to shake his hand. 

“I think we need to emphasise that this isn’t Kilkerrin-Clonberne versus Shane Walsh and his family or anything like that. 

“It’s a small rural club against a really big club in Dublin. This is fully Kilkerrin-Clonberne against the likes of Kilmacud Crokes. We were taking a stance for all the small rural clubs in the country and that’s who we want to stick up for." 

Hynes also added that GAA need to support the smaller clubs to stop the likes of this happening 

“Something needs to be done by Croke Park to stop transfers like this where huge Dublin clubs can come along and hoover up the best players in rural clubs.” 

There is still doubt over whether Walsh's transfer will go ahead due to rules over eligibility for transfer based on third-level study. 

Dublin , Ireland - 24 July 2022; Shane Walsh of Galway (Photo By Brendan Moran/Sportsfile via Getty Images)