‘Everything might be alright on the night’ - Leo Varadkar issues Brexit warning to Ireland

‘Everything might be alright on the night’ - Leo Varadkar issues Brexit warning to Ireland

TAOISEACH LEO Varadkar has warned against complacency when it comes to the preparations around Brexit.

Speaking on the topic in the Dáil, Varadkar was keen to stress extra measures and additional staff have been put in place around Customs and Revenue in the event of a no-deal Brexit or any other border issues.

He also confirmed that a new advertising campaign detailing the possible challenges accompanying Brexit will soon be launched.

Despite this, the Taoiseach was keen to stress to ministers that the dangers of a potential no-deal Brexit remain a matter of serious concern.

Speaking in response to Fianna Fáil spokesperson Michael McGrath’s concern that Ireland “back into recession” , Varadkar stressed the need to“intensify our preparations”.

Varadkar said: “We had a detailed discussion at Cabinet today on foot of a memo brought by the Tánaiste on no-deal Brexit planning.

“We reviewed some of the areas where a lot of progress has been made.

“Legislation was passed by this House and we are now beginning to look at some areas which may require secondary legislation and where some more work needs to be done.

“We noted in fact that the staff are now in place in Customs and Revenue and other areas where they’re needed.

“And we are going to renew information campaigns, particularly informing business of the actions they need to take and of the supports that are now available that haven’t been fully availed of.

Standing together: The NI Executive last met in January 2017 (Image: Getty)

“A lot of businesses aren’t prepared,” Mr Varadkar added.

“There are others that are perhaps still taking the view that, ‘it’ll be alright on the night,’ and it might well still be alright on the night, but we can’t assume that.

“So, we’ll be asking businesses in particular to up their planning and avail of the information and supports that are already available.”

The comments come as the pressure continues to intensify on British Prime Minister Theresa May to produce a solution to the current impasse facing Brexit negotiations in the Houses of Parliament.

May looks set to put forward a new proposals to ministers in the hoping of reaching an agreement that passes through the House of Commons and meets the approval of European Union representatives.