Ireland's most popular book genre revealed on World Book Day
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Ireland's most popular book genre revealed on World Book Day

IRELAND'S MOST popular book genre has been revealed today on World Book Day.

Taking place on the first Thursday of March every year, World Book Day is a day to celebrate the joys of books and reading and to encourage reading enjoyment.

In honour of the day, Studying in Switzerland trawled through figures and statistics to discover the book genres that are most read by readers around the world. By looking at the google search volume for each book genre in different countries, both in English and in their native language, they created a map that showcases which book genres were most searched in each country.

The data shows that Ireland's favourite book genre is classics, with other English speaking countries such as Sweden, Hong Kong, Australia, U.S, U.K and New Zealand in agreement.

According to the data, the most popular genre in the U.S is classics books, followed by Romance and Poetry books. Other genres such as Manga, Historical Fiction and Crime books are all kept to the middle of the pack with almost similar numbers of readers searching.

European countries such as  Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark and Austria enjoy fantasy books, presumably because most fantasy stories focus solely on European-inspired locations.

Looking at the most famous books and series of all time, you will see that fantasy genre dominates the list. A few examples are The Hobbit, the Harry Potter series, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and they are all set in Europe.

Nordic people continue to have a fondness for for crime, while people in Asian nations buy poetry books the most

One can only suppose that it’s partially owing to a sense of national pride having given birth to such outstanding and world-renowned poets as Lu You, Li Bai, Wang Wei and others.

A full list breakdown of countries and their favourite book genres can be found here.

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