'Demeaning' and 'offensive' tampon ad banned in Ireland after 84 complaints

'Demeaning' and 'offensive' tampon ad banned in Ireland after 84 complaints

AN ADVERT for Tampax tampons has been pulled from Irish television after it received a whopping 84 complaints in just a few weeks.

The advert, for Tampax Pearl Compak, used the setting of a talk show, including a host, interviewee and audience to describe how to properly use a tampon.

The advert has now been pulled from the air after the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI) confirmed they had received 84 complaints.

Some complaints related to the phrases used within the ad, particularly "You gotta get 'em up there girls" and "not just the tip, up to the grip", which complainants found "offensive, crude, vulgar, disgusting" (just some of the words used in the complaints).

Others found the advert to be demeaning to women, saying it "belittled them and implied that they may be ignorant when it came to the matter of using tampons".


Some found the advert to be embarrassing, particularly when watching it with other people, and others thought the phrase "get 'em up there girls" in relation to the tampon could have sexual connotations.

Other complaints related to the ad allegedly being unsuitable for children and should not be played before 9pm, with one person saying their teenage girls were "mortified" while watching it.

The advertisers defended the advert in question, saying the need for education as to how to properly insert a tampon was vital, and although they had acknowledged the idea "might provoke a small number of complaints, they believed that it was in the best interests of their consumers to help them understand how to make the best use of" the product.

Despite this, the ASAI have taken action to remove the advert from the air.