Doris Hobday, one of beloved 'Guinness twins', has passed away from Covid-19 aged 96

Doris Hobday, one of beloved 'Guinness twins', has passed away from Covid-19 aged 96

DORIS HOBDAY has lost her battle with Covid-19 and has passed away at age 96, her family have confirmed.

Known as one half of 'Britain's Oldest Twins', Doris, along with her sister Lil, became national treasures when they appeared on TV to proclaim that their secret to long life was "no sex and plenty of Guinness".

In early January, Doris and Lil announced that they had both contracted Covid-19, and that they were "in shock" as they had followed all the rules, kept their contacts low and remained inside.

They appealed to people to stick to the guidelines to remain safe, but kept their trademark humour, writing ""We have said in the past if him up there wants us... he's going to have to run fast!"

95-year-old twins reveal secret behind their longevity: ‘no sex and plenty of Guinness’. 'Britain's Oldest Twins' left audiences in stitches with their quick wit and good humour as they made multiple TV appearances, including one where they announced the secret to their long life was "plenty of Guinness".

Now their family have made the heartbreaking announcement that Doris passed away on 5 January, writing she was "still running fast but unfortunately had some hurdles put in her way and she wasn’t strong enough to fight Covid."

"Shortly after our last post Doris and Lils health deteriorated very quickly," a family member wrote on Facebook, alongside a memorial video to Doris.

"We are devastated to announce that Doris didn’t make it...she passed away on Tuesday 5th January after a short stay in hospital."

They thanked the doctors and nurses involved in Doris's care at the end of her life, and for allowing her great-niece Kerry to remain with her in her last moments as the 96-year-old passed away.

On the same day, Doris's sister, Lil, was also rushed to hospital, and "had the fight of her life" for two weeks as she was received treatment "to keep her alive".

"Lil has fought so hard and I’m pleased to inform everyone that she was discharged from hospital on Monday," the statement reads.


Lil was only told of her sister's death "once she was strong enough to take the news", and is being comforted by family as she recuperates in her daughter Vivien's home.

"We are aware they are both 96 years old and we have been so lucky to have them in our lives for such a long time," their family wrote.

"But they were both still going strong before this virus got them and both were determined to live until 100... They had so much to look forward to... it’s just so cruel that Covid has stopped Doris like this."

They offered their condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one throughout the pandemic, and again urged people to "take this seriously".

Tragically, Doris was "only a few weeks from being safe", as her family revealed she received her vaccination invite just two days after she passed away.

"If you are offered the vaccine please take it," they wrote. "Do not refuse it.


"Doris didn't get this choice."