Residents on Northern Irish street gather on doorsteps every day to sing ‘Neighbours’ theme tune

Residents on Northern Irish street gather on doorsteps every day to sing ‘Neighbours’ theme tune

THE ELDERLY residents of a quiet street in Northern Ireland have hit upon a novel way of keeping up appearances during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Every morning at 10:30am sharp, the good people of Castleton Park in Portstewart gather on their doorsteps to sing along to the Neighbours theme tune. 

The Australian soap remains a firm favourite across much of the UK and Ireland, thanks in no small part to its iconic and undeniably catchy theme tune. 

And while their efforts are tinged with a bit of tongue-in-cheek good humour, the theme tune’s message about how "that's when good neighbours become good friends” rings true here. 

With much of the world’s elderly population required to remain safe indoors it’s important now, more than ever, that communities come together and watch out for each other. 

More than that, it’s about ensuring there is someone there to talk to, should they need it. 

Footage of the Portstewart residents’ homage to the Aussie TV favourite was filmed and uploaded to Twitter by Cool FM DJ Stuart Robinson – where it soon caught the eye of Neighbours stars past and present. 

Chief among those was Jason Donovan, who tweeted: “Apart from @captaintommoore, this is the best ... sums up everything @neighbours.” 

Current star Bonnie Anderson retweeted the footage while the official Neighbours Twitter account commented: “The definition of #GoodNeighbours.” 

Fellow fan favourite Scott McGregor also retweeted the video, writing: “THIS... is incredible Massive shoutout to those people from Mark Brennan!!” 

Fans of the soap can meanwhile rest easy that the show will continue to air during lockdown, with broadcasters reducing the number of weekly episodes to ensure they don’t run out. 

Another reason to stay indoors.