'Grace' soars to top of Irish charts on 104th anniversary of execution of Joseph Plunkett

'Grace' soars to top of Irish charts on 104th anniversary of execution of Joseph Plunkett

THE WOLFE Tones' song Grace has soared to the top of the Irish charts to mark 104 years since the death of Joseph Mary Plunkett on 4 May, 1916.

As many people know, the heart wrenching ballad tells the true story of Grace Gifford and Joseph Plunkett, who were married in Kilmainham Gaol hours before he was executed by firing squad for his role in the Easter Rising of 1916.

The song has been performed many times and by many people over the years, including by Rod Stewart, but it is the Wolfe Tones' version which is arguably the best-known.

To mark 104 years since the death of Joseph Plunkett and his marriage to Grace Gifford Plunkett, an online campaign was launched which encouraged people to stream and download the track on iTunes.

As the hours passed, the song crept steadily up the charts before finally reaching the number one spot earlier today.

This isn't the first time a Wolfe Tones song has made it to number one on the charts decades after it was originally released-- in January, the Republican anthem Come Out Ye Black and Tans sat comfortably on the top spot for several days as part of a protest campaign after the Irish Government announced plans to commemorate the Royal Irish Constabulary.

As two versions of the song reached the charts in both Ireland and the UK, the Wolfe Tones announced they would be donating all of the proceeds to homeless charities, and as it began to shoot up the charts in Australia, they pledged to donate all the money raised to charities helping with the out-of-control bushfires that had engulfed much of the country.

Now, as one of their old songs has once again clinched the top spot on the iTunes charts, the band have announced they will be donating all the proceeds to Pieta House, a charity which assists those suffering with depression or suicidal thoughts.

Mental health helplines have reported a huge spike in calls from people suffering from depression and anxiety since the coronavirus pandemic has forced people to become isolated from one another, and the donation will help to ensure that everyone who feels alone will have somebody to speak to.

Congratulations to everyone involved.