Joe Biden's Irish cousins 'excited' at prospect of his election victory

Joe Biden's Irish cousins 'excited' at prospect of his election victory

THE IRISH relatives of Joe Biden say they are "excited" at the prospect of his impending victory in the presidential election.

Nothing is definitively decided yet, with votes still to be counted and a whole manner of controversies regarding mail-ballots, election centres and accusations of fraud still to be ironed out.

But Biden is now firm favourite to secure victory, and needs only a few more electoral college points to win the election.

The presidential hopeful's cousin, Joe Blewitt, said he was "a bit nervous", but also "excited" as Biden edges closer to the Oval Office.

He mentioned how he stayed up until 4am to watch the coverage of the election on Tuesday morning, but decided to go to bed after Trump appeared to be closing the gap.

"It's exciting, but you would be a bit nervous too," Blewitt told the Irish Independent.

Joe Blewitt

"[Election night] was a long night, and at one stage I wasn't sure it was going his way.

"But I think he is going to do it.

"We would be so happy for him and his family, and Americans would be very lucky to have such a decent, lovely man as their president."

Mr Blewitt, based out of Biden's ancestral home of Co. Mayo, said that the presidential hopeful "really does love people" and "cares about what happens to them".

"That's what the world needs now," he added.

Blewitt, who works as a plumber in Ballina, has enjoyed a close relationship with Biden - who is in fact his third-cousin - for years.

The two met when Biden visited Ireland in 2016, and learned all about his family history.

When Biden returned in 2017, the two met up again.

Blewitt even endorsed his cousin's presidential campaign with a clever slogan on his plumping van.

"Joe Biden for the White House. Joe Blewitt for your house," it read.