Joe Biden's Irish cousins to celebrate inauguration with Zoom party complete with Presidential cake

Joe Biden's Irish cousins to celebrate inauguration with Zoom party complete with Presidential cake

JOE BIDEN’S Irish cousins are getting together over the internet for a Zoom party to celebrate “Cousin Joe’s” inauguration as the 46th President of the United States. 

One of the president-elect's distant relatives has even baked a special cake for the occasion. 

Joe Blewitt, a businessman who runs a plumbing company and led the charge for the Biden campaign in Ireland, had hoped to bring the entire family together for a special celebration – but Covid-19 put paid to that. 

Instead, Biden’s third cousin is going to mark the day by sharing a bottle of champagne with those family members in his household, including his father Brendan Blewitt. 

“We’re just going to have a family gathering and that’s all we’re doing,” Joe told the Irish Mirror. 

“It’ll only be our own little family bubble, there’s only myself, [wife] Deirdre, [sister] Laurita, the kids and dad.” 

They will be in close contact with Biden’s other Irish relatives including Councillor Andrea McKevitt and her sister Ciara who have been counting down the days to the inauguration. 

"It will indeed be a very proud day for the Finnegan clan here in the peninsula and further afield," Cllr McKevitt told the Dundalk Democrat. 

Andrea is coordinating a low-key celebration, which will include a Zoom party that will see the family get together to watch the moment Biden is sworn into office. 

The McKevitt sisters believe Biden will bring "a fresh ideal to a deeply divided United States and will be a President for all the citizens he represents, and of course, will be a good friend to Ireland and indeed the peninsula." 

Andrea has been busy ahead of the big day, having baked a special inauguration cake featuring the US Presidential seal, which she happily showcased on social media ahead of Biden’s big moment. 

And while none of Biden’s Irish cousins are expecting a call from the new President, Joe is confident that they will get over to see him in his new residence at the White House by the summer.