Leitrim boy enjoys heartwarming reunion with his beloved grandma on Irish TV

Leitrim boy enjoys heartwarming reunion with his beloved grandma on Irish TV

A YOUNG Leitrim boy enjoyed a heartwarming reunion with his beloved grandmother on Irish television this week. 

Tom Cullen from Carrick-on-Shannon came face to face with his Nanny Pat over Skype for the first time since lockdown began in Ireland. 

Pat is currently cocooning and is inexperienced when it comes to using the video calling technology that has kept many of us connected. 

It means that Tom has been unable to see his Nanny Pat for more than a month. 

However, Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy was determined to change that. 

Many viewers would have been familiar with Tom from his appearance on the Toy Show last November. 

In it, he talked about how close he is to his grandmother with the pair completing jigsaws and playing with Sylvanian families together. 

Unfortunately, the current lockdown has seen the pair separated but, for one night at least, they were brought back together by The Late Late Show. 

When Tom first appeared via video to speak to Ryan, he thought he was just going to be giving him an update on how he has been since his appearance on The Toy Show. 

But, within minutes, Ryan had sprung his surprise having somehow hocked Nanny Pat up with Skype for a heartwarming reunion. 

“I love you so much, I can’t wait to give you a big big big hug. I’ll squeeze you tight,” Nanny Pat told Tom. 

Overcome with emotion, Tom promised to give his grandma a big hug as soon as he could. 

“I don’t know how I’ll get down to her house but I’ll get down there somehow,” he told her. 

A heartwarming moment and one of the few bright spots of yet another challenging week, Tom and Nanny Pat’s reunion struck a chord with viewers at home. 

"Oh my god the late late show is breaking my heart in a really good way," one fan wrote on Twitter. "Tom & Nanny Pat. Wow. "

"Omg Tom and his nanny pat are tugging on my heart strings," another said.

A third, meanwhile, declared: "Tom and Nanny Pat I will social distance for the rest of my life for you two to be together."