Vaccine passports for Premier League matches set to be introcuded under Plan B

Vaccine passports for Premier League matches set to be introcuded under Plan B


FOOTBALL FANS in the Premier League who attended games are set to be forced to show proof of vaccination from Covid through the Covid vaccine passport system - and this could come in this weekend.

The news comes as the new Omicron variant has started to surface. Borris Johnson's government is set to activate Plan B'.

Some of the recommended rules around Plan B involve new guidelines to wear face masks more often and non-key workers required to work from home, as the variant has spooked health chiefs.

In terms of football, Borris Johnson is set to inform fans that they will need two doses of the Coronavirusus vaccine, if they want to see games in stadiums.

Premier League clubs were warned of new restrictions during a virtual shareholders meeting last Friday according to reports

It is believed that the Premier League clubs have known this was coming in for months.

Some clubs even offered to be used as "guinea pigs" for trials as the country went through two lockdowns to help bring fans back safely

But all 20 clubs will be forced to comply and fans could be forced to take temperature tests upon entering grounds.

Stewards are said to be stricter with mask mandates and face covering in all indoor areas of stadiums.

Ex- Manchester United captain Gary Neville is one of many that is against the rule, he tweeted

"Plan B - rumored to be 'Work From Home' and 'Vaccine passports.'

"Do one!"

The news comes after the explosive details that the PM and around 40 others enjoyed a Christmas party last December, while people lost loved ones and had to isolate themselves by government orders

Allegra Stratton Johnson's former Press Secretary was caught on a leaked video, playfully responding to rumors in the media room at Downing Street.

ITV obtained a clip with the special adviser to the PM, Ed Oldfield, asking her about reports of a party at No.10 "on Friday night".

Stratton replied: "I went home" before pausing.

Oldfield then followed up with a question on whether Johnson would "condone" a Christmas party.

"What's the answer?" Stratton responded.

When another aide joked that "it wasn't a party, it was cheese and wine", she laughed awkwardly and asked: "Is cheese and wine all right?

"This fictional party was a business meeting and it was not socially distanced."

Downing Street responded to the clip by saying: "There was no Christmas party. Covid rules have been followed at all times."

The PM recently stated that "now is the time" for people to get their booster jabs, with the rollout being extended and accelerated amid the rapid spread of the new variant.

Those who come into contact with someone who tests positive for Omicron will have to be isolated for 10 days - even if they are fully vaccinated.

Pre-departure testing for arrivals into the UK has also been reintroduced to cause holidaymakers issues, while travelers will also need to take a PCR test and isolate until they get a negative result.