Brendan Rodgers urges Celtic to give Rangers a guard of honour

Brendan Rodgers urges Celtic to give Rangers a guard of honour

CELTIC WILL take on Rangers this weekend, in what will be unfamiliar territory for a lot of their players and fans.

It will be the first SPL game since Rangers won the league, and as is tradition, Celtic may have to give their fierce rivals a guard of honour.

Former Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers encouraged the Scottish giants to give a guard of honour, and that it could potentially be used as "motivation" going forward.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Rodgers said: "My feeling is that you should always show humility and class, and be a sporting team.

"I can never forget when I was at Chelsea as a young coach and, in that first season that Jose was in, they won the title.

"I remember going to Old Trafford to watch the game that evening and I’m sure the Man United players didn’t want to do it but I’m sure Fergie insisted they did it.

"That must have been really, really difficult but it showed you the class of Sir Alex and it showed you the humility of him that another competitor came in and took the title, but it was also sporting that they did that, but also can provide you with great motivation going forward.

"It’s something for me – despite the rivalry, despite how difficult it is – it’s something that you should do and use as motivation going forward."

Last season, Rangers did not give Celtic a guard of honour when the situation was reversed, with manager Steven Gerrard saying the club took the decision out of hands.

We don't see the entire Celtic fanbase agreeing with the Leicester manager, and it should be interesting to see how Sunday morning's game plays out.