Fergie: 'Roy Keane picked on John O’Shea'

Fergie: 'Roy Keane picked on John O’Shea'

ROY KEANE picked on Manchester United and Ireland teammate John O’Shea, according to Alex Ferguson.

In his latest autobiography, Ferguson address the MUTV incident which played a part in Keane’s leaving Old Trafford.

He writes: “As for blaming the young players? He wouldn’t have aimed that accusation at Wayne Rooney, who wouldn’t have stood for it. The senior players would sort him out. [Darren] Fletcher and O’Shea are the two he picked on, and they were booed as a result by our fans.”

On Keane’s departure from the club, Ferguson says: “In one deep sense, him leaving was the best thing that could have happened, because a lot of the players were intimidated by him in the dressing room, and those players emerged well from his departure. John O’Shea and Darren Fletcher were certainly beneficiaries…

“I think the dressing room relaxed when Roy left. Relief swept the room.”

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