Roy Keane: 'Rice not worth over £100 million'

Roy Keane: 'Rice not worth over £100 million'

Former Manchester captain Roy Keane said Arsenal's latest sensation, Declan Rice, is not worthy of his £100 million price tag.

Rice, who showcased his talents during Arsenal's triumphant victory over Manchester City, has arrived at the club with massive expectations. However, not everyone shares the belief that the Englishman is worth the sum Arsenal paid for his services.

Keane, who previously commented in March that Rice failed to stand out in a struggling team, has once again given his assessment of the Arsenal midfielder's abilities. In the aftermath of the Community Shield match on Sunday, the Cork native expressed, "As he is now surrounded by superior players and different expectations, there's potential for him to evolve." Speaking to ITV, Keane elaborated, "If he takes on a more advanced role on the field, I believe he possesses the skill to contribute more goals. He undoubtedly possesses physical strength and has the capability to venture into the box."

Nonetheless, Keane continued "It's evident that they've substantially overpaid for him. He certainly doesn't command a valuation exceeding £100 million! Despite this, he is undeniably a talented player. The coming year or two will reveal the extent of Declan's prowess. He exhibits consistency week after week and stands as a robust player. We've talked about his physicality; it was sorely missed in the preceding months. Does he possess the superior ability to deliver precise passes and net nine or ten goals? Time will swiftly provide an answer."

Arsenal's penalty shootout victory against Manchester City did not seem to ruffle Rice, despite the huge price tag associated with him. "I'm absolutely thrilled. This is exactly what I envisioned when I became a part of this team. Manchester City presented us with the challenges we anticipated, but my enthusiasm is immeasurable – I'm genuinely elated. Facing them requires patience, along with smaller tactical battles during the match, as our manager emphasized before the game."

Reflecting on his inaugural victory for the club, Rice continued, "Today's win has boosted my confidence. Over the last three weeks, I've witnessed substantial personal growth. The manager imparts a great deal of information about his vision, and I'm eager to absorb it and continually better myself. I firmly believe that we're capable of achieving remarkable feats this season – all we need to do is stay focused."

Arsenal will face Nottingham Forest at 12:30.