95-year-old twins who say secret to long life is 'plenty of guinness' describe life in lockdown

95-year-old twins who say secret to long life is 'plenty of guinness' describe life in lockdown

THE 95-YEAR-OLD twins who captured everyone's hearts when they revealed their very interesting secret to a long life have reappeared in the public eye to describe how they are coping under lockdown.

Lil Cox and Doris Hobday, from Tipton in England, went viral in September when they famously told ITV's This Morning that the secret to a long life was "no sex and plenty of Guinness".

(We're pretty sure people will have no problem taking up at least one part of the twins' advice.)

The women, who are believed to be the oldest living identical twins in the United Kingdom, made a reappearance earlier this week to tell Susannah Reid and Piers Morgan how they were coping with life under lockdown-- and we're happy to report they are doing brilliantly.

95-year-old twins reveal secret behind their longevity: ‘no sex and plenty of Guinness’. The twins' joke had GMB presenter Piers Morgan in stitches

The best friends and sisters had been living together in a care home in Tipton but are now under the care of Lil's daughter, who took them out to live with her due to fears of the coronavirus spreading through nursing homes.

Living with Lil's daughter, Vivian was like living in a 5 star hotel, they said, admitting they were enjoying every minute of it.

When asked by presenter Piers Morgan what the secret to a long life was, however, the twins had changed their answer rather significantly.

"What's the secret?" Piers asked.

"Plenty of sex!" Lil immediately shouted. "And no Guinness!"

Doris was quick to correct her, angrily snapping "No, no, no!" as Morgan burst into peals of laughter in the studio.

"It's no sexy, plenty of Guinness," Doris clarified.

Check out the interview below-- Lil's joke comes at 3:00 and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.