All countries to be removed from Ireland's Green List from Monday

All countries to be removed from Ireland's Green List from Monday

THE IRISH Government is to remove all remaining countries from its Green List on Monday.

The controversial list was drawn up earlier this summer and contained a list of countries where passengers would not have to quarantine on their arrival to Ireland.

The Irish public were encouraged not to travel outside of the country except for essential reasons, however.

A number of countries were placed on the Green List before being promptly removed due to a surge in cases-- most recently, Germany was added to the Green List before being taken off again just a few days later.

Currently there are just four countries remaining on the list, none of them a popular destination for Irish tourists, and one of which does not even have an airport.

And from this Monday, 12 October, Cyprus, Finland, Latvia and Liechtenstein will be removed from the list due to a rise in cases in the areas.

A short statement from the Irish Foreign Ministry confirmed the news, writing on Twitter:

"The Green List was reviewed on the basis of ECDC data on Thursday 8 October.

"There will be no countries on the Green List with effect from Monday 12 October.

"Until 12 October, the earlier list... continues to apply."

The Irish Government is continuing to coordinate with the EU to discuss a "traffic lights system" which would allow some travel between countries within the European Union.