Conor McGregor celebrates St Patrick’s Day with a horrifically poured pint of Guinness

Conor McGregor celebrates St Patrick’s Day with a horrifically poured pint of Guinness

CONOR MCGREGOR’S Irish credentials have been seriously questioned after he celebrated St Patrick’s Day with a disastrous looking pint of Guinness. 

Poured incorrectly and served in an unmarked glass, the errors are clear to see for any true Irishman with a taste for the black stuff. 

The Notorious can’t be entirely blamed for the pint-based fiasco though. 

It was actually his fiancé, Dee Devlin, who delivered the disastrous pint, after showing none of the poise or attention to detail that goes into a truly great Guinness.  

Not that anyone is likely to hold it against her or McGregor, of course. 

The offending image was taken from the comfort of McGregor’s very own private bar – the kind of setting most across Ireland have only been able to dream of over the past year. 

However, that dream became something of a nightmare after Devlin defied Irish pub convention by failing to pour her Guinness at the necessary 45-degree angle. 

To further compound the misery, her pint of the black stuff came in an unmarked, standard, glass rather than the one synonymous with Guinness. 

Given that McGregor boasts a personal fortune in the hundreds of millions, many were no doubt left wondering why he didn’t splash out on some branded glassware. 

McGregor appeared nonplussed though, instead focusing on pushing his Proper 12 whiskey.  

“A Proper Dropper into a pint of Arthur’s special batch please my beautiful baby Dee!” he wrote. 

“Tis’ the month of the Irish and I’m having my feet up and celebrating every last damn second of it! 

“For we will rise and then rise again! As you will never. And I mean NEVER beat Ireland!’ 

The Crumlin grappler added: “Happy Paddy’s Day everyone, enjoy it all month with me! Yours sincerely from the home bar, Half a B Mac G’.” 

Guinness fans will no doubt be hoping for better results when McGregor opens his much-anticipated gastropub in Dublin where pints of the black stuff and shots of his whiskey will definitely be on the menu. 

McGregor, meanwhile, will be hoping for better results when he eventually returns to the Octagon and UFC though when that is, exactly, remains to be seen.