Conservative Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith caught 'picking his nose and eating it' on live TV

Conservative Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith caught 'picking his nose and eating it' on live TV

FORMER Conservative Party leader and staunch Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith has been filmed apparently picking his nose and eating the gooey contents during a late-night Commons debate.

With many in the UK increasingly frustrated and distrustful of politicians, the sight of one seemingly picking bogies during an important discussion on the future of the country is unlikely to go down well.

Not that Duncan Smith appeared in any way bothered, with the nose gold he successfully mined going down pretty well from the looks of it.

The incident was caught on camera by Parliament TV with clips subsequently uploaded to Twitter, where they were met with a mix of derision and disgust.

A word of warning: graphic scenes of a man grappling with the contents of his nostrils follows.

IDS may well argue he was merely scratching his nose, but that's the oldest excuse in the book.

In any case, if that were true, what exactly was he popping into his mouth at the end? Dead skin? Eye goop?

They did provide some respite at least from a tense night in which Prime Minister Boris Johnson lost a crucial vote that may see his fellow MPs take back control of the Brexit process, ensuring the UK avoids a no-deal scenario that could have spelled doom for Ireland.

Perhaps Duncan Smith was simply indulging in a rather disgusting form of comfort eating, taking back control of his nose as the chaos unfolded before his eyes.

Then again, he may simply have been bored by the hours and hours of endless discussions that took place during a busy night in the Commons.

In any case, while his actions were met with revulsion, they were nevertheless better received than those of Jacob Rees-Mogg, who was roundly criticised for appearing to fall asleep during the discussions.