Jacob Rees-Mogg branded ‘disgrace’ for slouching during House of Commons Brexit debate

Jacob Rees-Mogg branded ‘disgrace’ for slouching during House of Commons Brexit debate

JACOB REES-MOGG, has garnered widespread criticism after spending a significant portion of a crucial Brexit debate slouched across the Conservative front bench.

The Leader of the House of Commons was lambasted by MPs, celebrities and the public for his display, which was described as entitled, arrogant and contemptuous.

Rees-Mogg’s act of rebellious nonchalance came during a crucial debate as to whether control of the Brexit process should be handed to those seeking to avoid no deal.

A hard Brexiteer, the Conservative MP was evidently eager to put on a display of sneering disapproval at the plans.

It did not go unnoticed, with Green party MP Caroline Lucas among those to call up Rees-Mogg on his behaviour while other MPs shouted for his to sit up.

“Now, there’s been a lot of talk about democracy tonight and the Leader of the House, who – I have to say – with his body language throughout this evening has been so contemptuous of this house and of the people,” Lucas said.

She added that Rees-Mogg had been “spread across three seats, lying out as if that was something very boring to listen to tonight”.

The Labour MP, Anna Turley, called Rees-Mogg’s slouching the “physical embodiment of arrogance, entitlement, disrespect and contempt for our parliament”.

“Has @Jacob_Rees_Mogg lost the ability to sit up or is draping himself horizontally across the front bench pretentious or just bad manners?” MP Sarah Wollaston wrote on Twitter.

MP Phil Wilson also tweeted: “I grew up on a council estate in a pit village in Co. Durham. I was taught to sit up straight and show respect. @Jacob_Rees_Mogg had all the advantageous money can buy and can do neither. What a waste of an education.”

“Not a great look,” Alastair Campbell wrote while Hugh Laurie offered up arguably the best summation: “Jacob Rees-Mogg lolling horizontally on the front bench during tonight’s emergency debate is as insolent and insufferable as anything I’ve seen.”

Mark Steel, meanwhile concluded, in reflection: “I expect today Jacob Rees-Mogg will express his boredom in the Commons by releasing pheasants and shooting them, then ordering Philip Hammond to pluck them while reciting Latin names for flowers.”

The rest of the Twittersphere was littered with comments condemning Rees-Mogg for his actions on what was a crucial night in the ongoing Brexit saga.

His protest came just hours after Rees-Mogg attracted widespread criticism from the people of Ireland after comparing a bill after referencing Charles Stewart Parnell in relegation to the proposed Brexit bill.

He said: "The approach taken today is the most unconstitutional use of this house since the days of Charles Stewart Parnell when he tried to bung up Parliament."

Irish people flocked to Twitter to express their disgust at his comments.

One wrote: "Rees-Mogg had absolutely no need for the reference to Charles Stewart Parnell other than to stoke the "blame the Irish" schtick the ERG pedal. He thinks he's Machiavelli but he's really just a panto villain with the subtleties of a panto horse"

Another added: "JacobReesMogg from the dispatch tells the House tonight, that what happened today is the worst "abuse of parliament since Charles Stewart Parnell." As an Irish woman who loves England I find this kind of rhetoric appalling."

A third said: "Rees Mogg in #HouseofCommons having a go at Charles Stewart Parnell, an Irish hero. All they need to do now is start abusing Mr Tayto & Ireland will really be having none of it."