Irish accent is the most calming in the workplace, survey finds

Irish accent is the most calming in the workplace, survey finds

A SURVEY had found that the Irish accent is the most calming in the workplace.

And the poll of 1,000 office workers in the UK also found it was the best for delivering bad news.

The survey was carried out by telecommunications company Moneypenny to gauge reactions to various accents from Britain and Ireland.

Sharing the results on its website, the poll showed that 71 per cent of people felt that an accent was important in affecting how a message was delivered.

The Irish accent was deemed the most calming in the workplace (Image: Henrik Sorensen / Getty Images)

And of those surveyed, 17 per cent believed the Irish accent to be the most calming at work.

Welsh was second with 12 per cent, followed by Edinburgh (8 per cent) and Northern Irish (6 per cent).

But despite Irish being the top accent in the category, 22 per cent of those quizzed believed none of the accents featured were the most calming.

Good for bad news

If you have to deliver some bad news, you could soften the blow by getting someone with an Irish accent to relay it.

The Irish brogue was deemed the best for the job, topping the poll with 16 per cent, followed by Welsh (14 per cent), Edinburgh and Yorkshire (both 12 per cent).

The Irish accent was also top for delivering good news (17 per cent), with Yorkshire second (16 per cent) and Wales third (15 per cent).

Soften bad news in the office by having it delivered by someone with an Irish accent (Image: SrdjanPav / Getty Images)

However, Ireland was narrowly beaten into third place (16 per cent) when it came to the best accent for providing customer service, just behind the Yorkshire accent (17 per cent) and Geordie accent (16 per cent).

Although considering the poll was carried out in the UK and most regions backed themselves, Ireland's third place ranking is still impressive.

Yorkshire, Geordie and Irish also occupied first, second and third respectively when it came to the most encouraging accent in the workplace.

The Geordie accent, meanwhile, was deemed the most motivating, although 37 per cent believed no accent in particular to be the best in this category.

The accents listed in the survey included Liverpudlian, Brummie, Glaswegian, Geordie, Northern Irish, Mancunian, Eastender, Welsh, Edinburgh, West country (excluding Bristolian). Bristolian, Norfolk, Yorkshire, and Southern Irish.