Kleenex has renamed its Mansize tissues over ‘gender concern’ complaints

Kleenex has renamed its Mansize tissues over ‘gender concern’ complaints

KLEENEX is to rename its Mansize tissues in response to complaints to its gender-focused branding.

According to the Telegraph, the company acted after ‘registering consistent increase of complaints on gender concern’ in relation to the product.

From now on, Kleenex Mansize will be known as Kleenex Extra Large.

However the name change has received a mixed reception online, with some welcoming the move while others branded it ‘PC nonsense’.

Some wondered whether other companies would follow suit and change the name of their gender-specific brands.

However, Marks & Spencer has now refused to bow to pressure to rename its own 'Mansize' tissues.

The chain said yesterday evening it has no plans to stop using the name on its own-brand boxes of tissue paper.

But M&S's refusal was followed by Waitrose deciding to change the name of its 'Gentleman’s Smoked Chicken Caesar Roll', despite Gentleman’s Relish being an ingredient.

Kleenex first launched ‘For Men’ tissues in 1956 as a disposable alternative to cotton handkerchiefs.

Its website describes Kleenex Mansize as ‘soft and strong so you can be confident it won’t let you down’.