Polish chef hailed as hero after chasing down London Bridge terrorist with 5-foot Narwhal tusk

Polish chef hailed as hero after chasing down London Bridge terrorist with 5-foot Narwhal tusk

A POLISH chef named Łukasz has been identified as one of the three men filmed bravely running towards armed convicted terrorist Usman Khan on London Bridge.

The Pole, identified only as Łukasz, is the individual who approached Khan brandishing a 5-foot Narwhal whale tusk, according to a report from The Times.

Two other men were filmed attempting to stop the 28-year-old terrorist, who was wielding a huge knife at the time.

Khan had earlier used the bladed weapon to kill two people and seriously injure three others during a rampage that ended on the north side of London Bridge at around 2pm this past Friday, November 29.

In footage shared on social media, a white-haired man can be seen spraying Khan with a fire extinguisher while a third male rains punches down on the convicted terrorist.

With the help of several other members of the general public they eventually succeeded in bringing Khan to the ground at which point armed police step in.

Khan was shot dead at the scene.

“Łukasz grabbed a nearby pole and ran at him, getting stabbed in the hand in the process but continued to pin him down,” a co-worker told the Times.

“Being stabbed didn’t stop him giving him a beating. Łukasz is a hero”.

Łukasz is thought to have grabbed the the Narwhal tusk from the Fishmongers’ Hall – the venue where Khan’s rampage first began.

From there he chased Khan onto the bridge and, along with the help of several other bystanders, succeeded in ending his spree there and then.

Łukasz has been hailed as a hero online while the fact he is Polish has not gone unnoticed with Brexit high on the UK political agenda.

“The guy with the whale tusk is a Polish chef named Luckasz," Piers Morgan noted.

"Worth noting this for the next time someone says, ‘we’ve let too many Eastern Europeans into this country’.”

Journalist Julie Owen Moylan said: “That is the best of this country and London right there.”

Fellow writer Jakub Krupa noted a particular pattern:

“2017: a Romanian baker throws crates at terrorists at Borough Market

“2019: a Polish chef chases a terrorist down London Bridge with a narwhal tusk Oh, these awful Eastern European migrants.”

LBC’s Matthew Thompson meanwhile summed up the irony perfectly: “Bloody Poles. Coming over here. Taking out our terrorists.”

"A Polish EU worker in Britain who is a true hero," former MEP Dr Charles Tannock concluded.

"Those Brexiteers who made Eastern Europeans like my wife a soft target please take note. They not only provide an invaluable contribution to UK's economy they also are brave enough to put themselves in harm's way to save our lives."