Pub near IRA bomb site criticised over 'Irish Car Bomb' drink ad

Pub near IRA bomb site criticised over 'Irish Car Bomb' drink ad

A PUB banner advertising 'Irish Car Bombs' drinks promotions just yards away from the scenes of two historic bombings in Bristol has been removed following widespread criticism.

Bristol’s Irish Society aid that the St Patrick's Day banner at The Brass Pig, which has now been taken down, was in "very bad taste".

Bristol was bombed twice - in 1974 and 1978 - both on sites near to the pub, which is located on the Clifton Triangle. 

The Brass Pig lies less than half a mile from Park Street, which was bombed on 18 December 1974. That attack was blamed on a local terror group.

A second bombing at Maggs Department Store in Clifton – also about half a mile from The Brass Pig - happened on 17 December 1978.

That attack was part of a co-ordinated Provisional IRA attack on cities around Britain.

Claire Deeley, spokeswoman for the Brass Pig, said the sign had been put up by staff without receiving the go-ahead by management.

She said it had now been removed following a string of complaints, stating: “It was wrong, it was unauthorised and it has now been taken down.”

Amelia Dunsford, from the Bristol Irish Society, told local paper The Bristol Post: "We think it is in very bad taste. But we just feel the less said about this, the better.

"We have moved on from the Troubles in Ireland all those years ago now and it took a long time for peace to prevail.

"I remember the bombing in Bristol. I was out in town that very night. It was a long time ago now though and it is all in the past, but we have moved on and we have moved forward. We are not amused."

The Irish Car Bomb cocktail is made by adding Baileys and Jameson Irish Whiskey to a shot glass.

The shot glass is then dropped into a half-pint of Guinness and drunk quickly.