Sinead O’Connor claims Prince was a ‘devil worshipper’ and heavily involved in the occult

Sinead O’Connor claims Prince was a ‘devil worshipper’ and heavily involved in the occult

SINEAD O’CONNOR has claimed fellow musician Prince was a “devil worshipper” who regularly dabbled in the occult.

In her new memoir, Rememberings, the Irish singer recalled seeing the irises in the Purple Rain singer’s eyes disappear during a visit to his home in 1991.

"That is as true as God," she told The Times.

"I believe he was involved in Devil business because an old girlfriend of his told me he had the power to make s**t move around the room.

"He got me up there to see: could this b***h be one of mine? I guess he didn’t bank on the Irish in me telling him to go f**k himself."

O’Connor met Prince after scoring a global smash hit with her cover of his song Nothing Compares 2 U.

However, it was a meeting she claims turned violent after Prince allegedly engaged in a pillow fight involving a heavy object.

The 54-year-old says Prince slipped "something hard" into his pillow case and proceeded to thump her with it.

He is then alleged to have chased her down the road outside his house in a car.

“Firstly, Prince didn’t like people covering his songs,” O’Connor claims.

“Secondly, he had all these female protégés and he was annoyed that I wasn’t one of them.

“Thirdly, my manager Steve Fargnoli had been his manager and they were involved in a legal case. On top of all this he was a woman-beating c**t. I’m certainly not the only woman he laid a hand on.”


Prince passed away in 2016, aged 57, after suffering an accidental overdose.

Best remembered for songs like Let’s Go Crazy and When Doves Cry, the singer was also responsible for several songs covered by other notable artists.

The chart-topping hit Manic Monday by The Bangles, for instance, was penned by the musician.