This map shows who Ireland's 'closest' neighbours are

This map shows who Ireland's 'closest' neighbours are

HAVE you ever gazed out at the sea from a wind-swept Irish coast and wondered where you would end up if you set out from where you stand?

Well now you can find out thanks to this new map by Twitter user @GertHere.

Having taken inspiration from a similar map posted on Reddit for Iceland, the map fan decided to do the same for the Emerald Isle.

All of the routes are set out from the exact geographical centre of Ireland (a tiny townland in Co. Roscommon, in case you didn't know) and they don't include tiny islands, for the perfectionists out there.

The result is an incredibly detailed map, made with Google Earth and Microsoft Excel, which pinpoints the "nearest" neighbours to Ireland in a straight line.

Where would you end up from your county?